PREQUEL Aesthetic Video Editor 1.46.0 Apk Free Download


PREQUEL Aesthetic Video Editor 1.46.0 Apk Download

Prequel is a photo filters and video effects editing app with the most aesthetic presets. It offers a handpicked selection of foto & video filters for pictures. Make your photos and videos stand out with a variety of vintage and trendy effects like Kidcore, VHS, Dust, Indie Kid, Teal, Grain, Canvas, Renaissance!

About PREQUEL Aesthetic Video Editor :-

PREQUEL – Suitable for those people who like to change as well as lift their photographs, Innovator is an application where you will positively find a choice of channels and gadgets to further develop your photos at all you can consider, is essential as well as simple to utilize. In the event that you are an imaginative individual, INNOVATOR: Results, Filters and Editing and upgrading is an application for you given that you will surely find a limitless assortment of expert gadgets, giving you a quick and furthermore secure altering and improving cycle to save your photographs. Without a doubt, an optimal application for proficient photographic artists.

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Free Features :-

  • • Importing and editing any videos
  • • Add trendy presets & effects to any video
  • • Transform your videos into a real movie (speed up or slow down, crop, trim). Become a director and tell your stories!
  • • Create unique edits with a rich collection of effects & filters for videos
  •  Stylize your videos with a rich collection of retro effects — the 20s, 60s, 80, 90, 00s

Advanced Editing Toolkit


• Easy and fast editing process that requires no special skills or add-ons — everything you want in just one tap!

• Intuitive interface that is easy to master

• Mix unlimited number of filters and tools to create your own unique custom presets

Features of Prequel Premium

Prequel Premium is hands-down one of the most useful editing apps out there. To prove this, here are its features:

Aesthetic Presets – Even in the age of technology, a lot of people still don’t know how to use Photoshop and similar applications. That’s why they tend to apps such as Prequel Premium to edit photos easily. And this app allows users to create stunning and professional photos thanks to its presets. These are all ready made which means that you can use them with just a few taps. Select from a huge range of effects such as VHS, Miami, Prism, Plastic and more! There are also over 100 filters that you can use to create stunning effects and to match the mood you’re going for.

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