Faceplay 2.9.0 Latest version apk free download

Faceplay 2.9.0 Latest Free download

What is Faceplay?

Faceplay works just like other face-swapper programs: you need to record your appearance with a selfie. As such, when you first launch the app, it will ask for your permission to use the camera—reassuring that your face data will only be used for its services. You can immediately take a generic selfie using the oval face marker on the screen and start using that as your face template.

The app to change faces in video


As the name implies, Faceplay – changing faces is the main feature of this app. More specifically, you will use your face to replace the faces of superstars and singers in the available videos.


Detect faces in a smart way

Faceplay is based on artificial intelligence technology. It will automatically analyze the photo to recognize every detail on the face. From there, it replaces the character’s face in the other video into your face.

It is worth mentioning here that the image analyzer of Faceplay is highly detailed. It will examine each pixel, then decide whether to replace that pixel or not. So your video becomes more authentic than ever. As you can see, if you do this by using software on your computer, it will take you all day. As for this application, it only takes a few seconds.

At the Home section, you can find thousands of videos, cut scenes from famous movies like Titanic, Marvel or Game of Thrones series. They are divided into small categories so that you can easily find the scenery and the character you want to play.

Besides, try the video series from famous stars like Tom Cruise, Jack Sparrow, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. You have a chance to transform into the characters you love.

There are also fun gifs from Tenor. Surely, you’ve seen them somewhere, haven’t you? Yes, they are used quite commonly on social networking sites. And now you can choose your favorite gif, change your face and send it to your friends!

But the new feature — which similarly relies on GAN (generative adversarial network) algorithms to work its reality-bending effects — expands the expressive potential of the app by letting users supply their own source material to face swap/animate.

Download Faceplay 2.9.0 APK for Android

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How to use Faceplay app

If you want to give the app a try, it’s very simple to use and free to download, although you may need to pay to use some of its more advanced features.

1. Download the app in the App Store.

2. Let the app take a scan of your face

3. Select what program you want (you can go free but you’ll have to watch ads)

4. In the ‘Featured Today’ dashboard, you will find music videos, film scenes and more clips which you can add your face to.

5. Or click on the magnifying glass to add your face to GIFs. Alternatively, you can add your own clips if you upgrade to pro.

6. Once you’ve created your clip or GIF, click to share button to send to your socials.